MD Viv Findlay goes for the chop!

MD Viv Findlay goes for the chop!

This Friday will see hotelshopUK’s real life Rapunzel MD Viv Findlay go for the chop in aid of Little Princess Trust.

Having supported the Trust as part of our 15 | 15 challenge donating nearly £10,000, hotelshopUK and Viv personally, are still committed to supporting the local community and charities.

On Friday as part of our continued support Viv will donate 7 inches of her hair to help Little Princess Trust.

"Little Princess is a charity close to my heart, especially as I have two young grandchildren. They aim to supply young children, both boys and girls with real hair wigs. It is such an upsetting and worrying time after chemo therapy, and then when your hair starts to come out too, (often very quickly when treatment starts) it can often feel like the final straw for young people who may still want to go into school when possible. Having a wig that is then styled for you can be a real boost. Little Princess Trust are based in Hereford and rely on charity donations to keep them going," said Viv.

Viv’s target is to raise over £600 and she’s well on her way, however, if you would like to get involved by sponsoring Viv please visit