Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Double Delight

Our Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability vision This links with our company mission, vision and values and is to “Broaden the Impact of the DELIGHT Values we hold dear“

Our Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Focus is on five key areas

MD statement

I am all too aware that no organisation operates in isolation. Indeed our business prides itself on the relationships it builds, and interaction it has with, employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders. Our Double delight Sustainability plan is about managing these relationships to produce an overall positive impact on society, whilst adding value to the business and those involved with it.

The main activity for this year is our 15/15 Challenge – to raise £15,000 for two worthy charities to celebrate our 15 years in business.

When I began the business it was based on a promise to delight our customers - not an idle boast since 98% of customers say they would recommend and use the company’s services again.

I have always believed that the staff are key to our success and am confident that with the drive from our Green Team, they will embrace the initiatives outlined in this plan with the same enthusiasm and dedication that they have delivered to the growth of the company.

Alongside this year’s activity we will be working with our stakeholders to further develop our plans for the next five years and I look forward to hearing all the views.

Yours sincerely Viv

Our Green Team

As part of our ongoing initiatives and commitment to sustainability we have an in-house GREEN team committed to sustainability who spearhead the way for all environmental, community and charity.